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Customer Testimonials
I came to know of Waggle through Facebook and decided to give it a try since our family was travelling for 6 days and we needed to find the best place to leave our baby girl Sasha, a 3.5 year old 75 kg St. Bernard. After our first meeting with the host, I just knew that this was the place Sasha would stay at for the next week.! And I must say this was the best decision ever !!! Sasha was well taken care of, that we've decided this is going to be the place we would leave Sasha if and when we ever traveled again!!
Thank you for providing such a valuable service for pet parents! Am so glad I was able to find a host through Waggle who provided all the love and care Thambee needed. It truly was a vacation for him while I traveled. The best part was the peace of mind. The hosts were kind enough to send me pics and videos while I was away. Thambee didn't have to suffer through tick infestations from kennels and received lots of love and care. Thambee and I couldnt be happier! Kudos to Waggle!!
Waggle is a home away from home for the pooches. Not only do they make an effort to know the pet but they have a systematic way of ensuring that both host and the client are comfortable in selecting the right place for their pooches. For once, I was not tensed of having left Bumzy, for I knew he was in a house where he had even more loving humans. Yeah, I say that honestly because of the love the hosts showered on Bumzy.

Waggle is just the right place to leave pooches.
I am a customer as well as a host in Waggle. A few months ago I had been frantically looking out for a place to leave my Puffy for 15 days as we had to go to Punjab to attend a family wedding. Puffy isn’t  just a pet to me, she's like my own child, and I wanted a place where she would be treated as family and be pampered the same way she is at home. That’s when I heard about Waggle, and my search for the right host began. After checking out a few places, I settled down with one of the hosts, who took great care of my Puffy. It was later that I decided on hosting, and that’s been an awesome experience too. Waggle has been a blessing to pet parents, and the concept is wonderful. Hats off to the wonderful team.
We were about to cancel our holiday, when we got to know about Waggle, through a friend on Facebook. We were very curious to know about it. When we first logged onto their website, we were like WOW. The check in dates & check out dates made us feel like we were getting Goldie checked into a hotel. There were so many listings-it was great to see that there were so may pet lovers in Bangalore. We could further filter it down based on their availability, areawise, price, their experiences etc. Waggle surely was a great idea. We are very happy & content with this service of Waggle and have already planned so many trips without worrying about Goldie.
I decided to host on Waggle as I wanted company for my dog Bruno. Waggle has been a great experience, as the dogs that come in are well behaved and gets along well with Bruno. This has been a great initiative as Waggle finds the perfect home for each puppy.
Waggle has been a life saver for me many times! It's always last minute trips and they always come to the rescue :)

Snowy gets really pampered and on the last trip, he even got a gift... he now has an extended family which is the Waggle family...
Many dog lovers, refrain from having a dog, because they don't have a place to leave thier dogs when they travel. Vacations, family functions, etc were sacrificed for the sake of their pet. With Waggle, dog owners can now travel knowing that their pet is in safe hands. As a host on Waggle, it has been a great experience for me to meet like minded dog lovers in the city.
Vidhu & Amber
We are overwhelmed by this god-sent concept as well as the wonderful people associated with it. Having had a tough time with previous experiences in kennels, with all the fleas and kennel cough issues, Waggle has been a blessing in disguise for us and our dogs. While we did miss our babies during the holiday, we were able to enjoy guilt free because of the ease and comfort the hosts showered them with. Hats off to waggle!

I am very particular about how my dog is taken care of while I am away, and wasn't satisfied with the idea of a kennel while on vacation. The kennels I found in the city disappointed me greatly and I stopped making travel plans without my dog. That's when I came across Waggle, which made me hopeful. After meeting some of the host families I was very positive about the idea, and have used the service a couple of times. I love the idea that I can travel worry-free, with the reassurance that my dog is individually being taken care of by dog lovers in a home, with the same comfort and conveniences that I try to provide him.


Waggle is a true paradise for dog lovers, providing a platform where dog lovers can meet and create long lasting friendships while giving opportunities to host different breeds of dogs. The folks at Waggle are always ready to help no matter what time of day or night it is. Our overall experience at Waggle has been nothing but fun and pleasant, and we look forward to many more such memorable moments with our furry friends.


Waggle is every dog lover's dream come true! When I learnt about waggle, I was so excited about the concept, that I signed on to be a host right away. I'm so happy to be associated with waggle. Hostings have been a wonderful and enjoyable experience and I love that my dog Ginger gets to have his doggy friends over. You guys are doing a great job.