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FAQs for Hosts
Why Host?
If you're a dog lover, or if you miss having dogs, here's your chance to open your home to a dog for a few days! It's also an easy way to make a few extra bucks while enjoying the company of another dog and you're guaranteed to have loads of fun doing it! Dogs are called man's best friend for a reason after all.

Benefits of Hosting

  • By being a host, you get to meet other dog lovers and find a home for your dog when you travel!
  • You get the pleasure of caring for a dog and you're guaranteed to have loads of fun doing it! After all "Love is a four legged word!"
  • Your family dog and other family members get to enjoy the company of the guest dog for a few days.
  • You have complete control over your listings. Choose the dogs you want to take in, the rates, and pretty much everything else.
  • Earn a few extra bucks while enjoying the company of man's best friend.
  • Hassle free hosting supported by our 24/7 Customer Support Team.
  • You can list other services you offer, such as daycare, dog walking, training, grooming, etc.
Can I become a Host?
Yes, anyone can become a host if you have sufficient familiarity with caring for a dog. Once you signup, our Customer Service Executive will get in touch with you to evaluate your competence to host a dog. This is to ensure the safety of visiting dogs. If we are convinced of your capability to host a dog, your listing would be shown to customers when they search on Waggle.
How do I get Started?
Once you've signed up on Waggle, the first step is to complete your profile. Navigate to your profile and enter the required information such as years caring for dogs, your family dogs and verify your contact details.

To create your listing, go to the 'Your Listing' tab on the Dashboard. Complete the information in each of the steps, upload images and finally activate your listing. Once our Customer Service Executive verifies you as a host, your listing will be available for customers to search.
Why do I need to be verified?
At Waggle, our guiding principle is 'Safe boarding options for dogs'. Verification gives us a chance to talk to you and ensure that you are going to be a great host, as well as give you some valuable tips on acclimatising new dogs to your home. This ensures a hassle free hosting for both you and the dog owner.
Can I choose the dogs I want to host?
Absolutely! While creating a listing, select one or more breeds of dogs you are comfortable with hosting.
Are Prior Visits necessary?
Although it is not a necessity, we strongly recommend all hosts to make arrangements for a prior visit before the actual hosting. This helps you to familiarize with the customer and his/her dog(s). If you have family dogs, this is especially useful as this gives you an idea of how your dog warms up to the guest dog!
How are payments processed?
Once you have accepted a reservation request, the customer must pay the total amount online to confirm the reservation. When a reservation has ended, Waggle will transfer your hosting amount to you using your preferred payout method after deduction of 10% as service charges.

In case of any issues with the payout, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.
What should I do in case of an emergency?
In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency related to pets, our 24x7 Customer Support Team will help you identify good vets in your area. You must take the concerned dog to the vet at the earliest and get them treated.
Can I cancel a confirmed reservation?
We, at Waggle, want you to have a stress free holiday. In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency related to pets, our 24x7 Customer Support team will help the host identify vets in their area. Decide with the host what they will do, such as which vet they will go to, in case a medical emergency occurs. Leave your vet's contact details with the host as well.
Can I cancel a reservation?
Yes. After all, we can't have all things planned! But customers have planned their travel considering your availability to take care of their dogs while they are away. Last minute cancellations can cause significant disruptions to travel plans and earn you bad rep on the site. If the cancellation is before 3 days of the reservation, access your Reservations tab in the Dashboard to cancel a Reservation. If the cancellation is within 3 days, message the host and inform them.

Also, send us a mail at hello@waggle.in so that we can find the customer an alternate home.

Last minute cancellations may attract a penalty which will be deducted from the next payout. For more information, click here.
What if the customer is late to pick up the dog?
If the customer does not pick up the dog at the drop off time and date, you can collect an additional amount based on your daily charges from the customer at the time of picking up their dog.
What if the customer refuses to pick up their dog?
A fun filled hosting could turn into a nightmare if the customer refuses to pick up their dog following a hosting. Do call us to assist you in such a situation.