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Guidelines for Hosts
Detailed Listings
Ensure your listings are as detailed as possible. This will avoid misunderstandings with customers at a later point. While creating the listing, specify all your requirements in the 'Requirements' section.
Prior Visits
Prior visits will help you familiarize with the guest dog before the hosting. Discuss with the customer and get as much information about the guest dog as possible. This includes his/her health information, diet, temperament, medical supplements, feeding schedules, walking schedule, etc. Ask about the guest dog's health history, prevalent medical conditions, allergies, etc.
Emergency Contacts
Collect the guest dog's vet information, emergency contacts and the customer's travel itinerary and contact details. Furthermore, for any emergencies, our 24/7 Customer Support Team is just a phone call away for all your needs.
Stick to a Schedule
The guest dog is in a new environment and may take a while to get accustomed. He/she may not eat initially and this is normal behaviour. If the dog does not eat, make sure the dog is well hydrated and comfortable. Stick to the dog's schedule (feeding, walking, playing etc). Find out from the customer food the dog is allowed to have and do not feed anything which is not permitted. Use the commands the guest dog is familiar with.
Do not leave the guest dog and your dog unsupervised, until you are definite that they are comfortable with each other. Give the guest dog time to acclimatize to the new environment and identify their "spots" in your house.
Regular Updates
Do provide customers with sufficient updates on how their dog is faring in your home. Fix up a time for them to call and enquire about their four-legged friend.
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