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Guidelines for Customers
Prior Visit
It is very important to visit the host family with your pet, prior to leaving to ensure the safety of your pet. It also helps to determine whether the host's home is the right place to leave your dog in. Do give details of your dog, in all aspects, such as feeding, walking, daily routine, supplements, temperament, behavioural and health issues etc. Make the visit as productive and informative as possible.
Emergency Contacts
Don't forget to give the host your vet's information, emergency contacts, your travel itinerary and contact details. Discuss and decide with the host what will be done in case of a medical emergency
Food and Medications
Discuss all details regarding the feeding of your dog. Mention food products your dog is allergic to and specify clearly, what items are permitted and not. If you are bringing the food for your dog's stay, bring extra food to be on the safe side, in case your trip is longer than planned.
Acclimatize your Dog
Your dog will settle quicker by having his/her belongings in the new place, such as bedding, bowls, grooming supplies, leash, toys and treats. Be sure to take along something with your scent, such a worn t-shirt, a sock or a blanket for additional comfort for your dog. Your dog may take a while to get used to the host's place and may not eat initially. This is nothing to worry about.
Comfort level of the host
Ensure the host is comfortable with your dog as the hosting should not be of any stress to the dogs, their owners and to the hosts. Although we take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the pets, Waggle remains as only a platform for like minded pet owners to connect and thus, cannot guarantee your pet's safety. The decision to leave your dog with a host is entirely yours, and Waggle cannot be held liable for the same.