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FAQs for Customers
What is Waggle?
Waggle is an online platform for dog lovers to connect and dog owners travelling to find safe boarding options, just like home for their dogs! For those dog lovers who sign up as Waggle Hosts, you get to enjoy and care for dogs in your own home, while making some money doing it!
How does it work?
Waggle helps you to find safe, loving homes for your dogs when you travel. Search for Waggle hosts within the city, based on their listings, reviews and family dogs. Send them a request. Once the host accepts the request , confirm the booking on Waggle. You can travel in peace knowing that your dog is looked after well and not have to deal with the stress of having left him/her in a boarding kennel. Only genuine dog lovers and those who've had experience in looking after a dog will be qualified to be hosts. To learn more about being a host, refer to Host FAQs
Is Waggle Safe?
At Waggle, a hassle free hosting is our dream! Waggle Hosts are genuine dog lovers, totally committed to pampering and caring for your dog. All the hosts listed on Waggle are verified by our highly skilled team of experts to ensure that they are genuine dog lovers with sufficient experience in taking care of dogs. You can travel in peace knowing that your dog is safe and having a blast in great hands. After all, that is what Waggle is all about!
Waggle does not guarantee that the host's home is dog-safe. It is up to you to ensure that your dog is left in a safe environment and you are satisfied of the same. Waggle will not be liable for any accidents/mishaps during a hosting.
How long does it usually take to find a home for my puppy?
While we are constantly trying to minimize the lead time to find a safe and loving home for your puppy, in reality, it takes almost a week. This is because our hosts are families just like yours who are doing it for the love of dogs. They may also have regular day jobs or may be travelling and may not be able to immediately take action on your request. So make sure you start looking for a home early to ensure that your puppy will have a blast when you are away!
Can I meet the host and decide?
Of course you can! We strongly recommend you meeting the host and their family dogs before the actual stay. The meeting will help you get a better idea of what is expected and provided during the stay. You will also get to see if the host's home will be a good and safe environment for your dog to be in.

While we strongly recommend prior visits, in order to reduce the hassle for hosts, we request all customers to use our messaging feature to pin point a few hosts, before requesting a meeting.
How much do I have to pay Waggle?
As a customer, you do not have to pay Waggle anything.

To confirm a reservation, you must pay the total charges for the reservation through Waggle. Waggle will periodically settle the host charges directly with each host after the reservation has ended.
I have sent a reservation request, but the host has not responded.
This does happen. While we keep a close watch on hosts that do not reply and remove them from our database, there is little we can do to ensure that a host responds to your request. Do remember that the hosts are doing this for the love of dogs and they may have regular jobs or may be on vacation just like you.

We strongly recommend that you send requests to more than one host to increase your chances of finding a safe and loving home for your puppy. Despite sending out multiple requests, if you still have not received a response, do get in touch with our Customer Support for assistance.
How do I find out how my dog is doing?
When you leave your dog for the hosting, provide your contact details to the host so that he/she can call you in case of any questions regarding your dog. You can fix a time with the host to call him/her each day to ask about your dog. If the host is tech savvy, feel free to ask him/her to send photos or even Skype!!
What if there is a medical emergency?
We, at Waggle, want you to have a stress free holiday. In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency related to pets, our 24x7 Customer Support team will help the host identify vets in their area. Decide with the host what they will do, such as which vet they will go to, in case a medical emergency occurs. Leave your vet's contact details with the host as well.
Can I cancel a reservation?
Yes, you can. After all, plans do change. But if you do, you should cancel as early as possible as the hosts have set aside those dates for you. To cancel, go to Reservations in your Dashboard and click 'Cancel' on the applicable reservation. Also, send us a mail at hello@waggle.in

Please read our Cancellation Terms for more information.