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Waggle Assurance
When making a reservation through Waggle, you have our assurance that each of our hosts are handpicked and verified to ensure that they are genuine dog lovers with ample experience in taking care of your puppy.

 How do we verify hosts?

When a host signs up on the site, our first level of verification is to ensure that the profile is completed. When reviewing the profile, if it does not conform to our quality standards, the listing is rejected at this point.

At the next level of verification, our customer service executives call the host and ask a series of questions. Each of the questions are subjective in nature and designed by a team of experts to provide an accurate metric on each host's knowledge of dogs. The executives collect the responses and pass them on to our highly trained team of experts. Our verification team debates over the responses to ascertain if the host has the necessary skill and experience to take care of the visiting dogs.

About 95% of the unhealthy listings are caught at this stage. If the verification team is unable to judge whether the person is going to be a wonderful host, one of the team members schedules a visit to the host's home, most times with one of our dogs. This allows us to see how the host is with dogs as well as evaluate the competence of the host.

Warning! After hosting through Waggle, your pup may experience mild depression due to the fact that his holiday is over and that he is back at home! This is normal and to be expected!

 Have questions about a host? Call us on +91.968.6677.DOG (364)