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About Waggle
Zoe - Our Inspiration Waggle was conceptualized to solve the problem of finding a safe and loving home for many dog owners that we spoke to. The lack of suitable boarding options to leave Zoe, our in-house entertainer, a dashing Golden Retriever, when we travelled turned out to be a gruelling problem that drove us to start Waggle. The options available were either to put Zoe in a kennel or to take her where we travel, which was not always possible. Waggle aims to provide a platform for dog lovers who face similar problems, to help each other.

Our Core Values

At Waggle, we believe that dogs are called "Man's Best Friend" for a reason. For those of us who treat dogs as our own children, it is a harrowing experience to leave them and travel. Their safety and well-being is our primary concern! After all, we wouldn't leave our kids in a place where we are not absolutely comfortable.

Thank You

First and foremost, thanks to our lil Golden Retriever, Zoe, for all the love and joy you bring to our lives every day, and for pushing us to come up with a better home for you when we travel! Our dev team, who have worked long hard days to get this up and running. Our operations team for managing the whole works and ensuring our customers(dogs) are happy.
Rahul Cherian - for christening the venture. May your soul rest in peace.