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I am a customer as well as a host in Waggle. A few months ago I had been frantically looking out for a place to leave my Puffy for 15 days as we had to go to Punjab to attend a family wedding. She (Puffy) isn’t  just a pet to me....she's like my own child, and I wanted a place where she would be treated as family and be pampered the same way she is at home. That’s when I heard about Waggle, and my search for the right host began… after checking out a few places, I settled down to Shruthi, who took good care of my Puffy. It was later that I decided on hosting, and that’s been an awesome experience too. Waggle has been a blessing to pet parents, and the concept is wonderful. Hats off to the wonderful team. 

  -  Shylin David

It was one of those days, when we suddenly wanted to plan for a trip and as always the 1st question on our mind was, where do we leave our Golden Retriever named Goldie. We have always been concerned to leave him at a place when we go on a trip, as we do not like to keep him caged or in a kennel. Goldie has always been like a free bird..errr dog, he hates being tied up and just wants to roam around freely. Since we didn’t have much time with us we still thought of exploring some options. We did visit some kennels and boarding places. At the first sight of it, I felt pity to see those dogs there who were kept in dirty kennels, preferably outside the house or a terrace, maybe under a drizzling rain too. It was only those tarpaulin sheets that were covered on top of their cage so that they don’t get wet. It was sad to see those dogs barking at me, as if they wanted me to rescue them. That day I made a decision, I won’t leave Goldie in any kennel, whatsoever be the reason. I would probably not go for a trip if I don’t find a good place for him.


We had almost lost hope, when we got to know about Waggle, through a friend on Facebook. We were very curious to know about it. When we first logged onto their website, we were like WOW. The check in dates & check out dates made us feel like we were getting Goldie checked into a Hotel. LOL, we were even more curious now. There were so many listings-it was great to see that there were so may pet lovers in Bangalore. We could further filter it down based on their availability, areawise, price, their experiences etc. Waggle surely was a great idea.


Since it was only a day left for us, we could not wait for a reply from the listers. We then had to call Samira from Waggle who was extremely helpful. She asked us for our preference and a bit about Goldie & his habits. She then called us back with a suggestion. These responses were all very quick. We were impressed with the promptness. She assured us that Goldie would be fine in this place. We said okay, and after checking the details of the lister Mr.Kamal, we thought of going ahead. We went and met Kamal and saw how comfortable Goldie was in the house. Goldie immediately bonded with Kamal. Goldie was kept in Kamal’s house just like he is kept with us at home. They were very kind and took care of Goldie like their own pet. We constantly kept getting updates of Goldie via Kamal or Samira through phone calls or Whatsapp. They were always a call away, if we wanted to know what Goldie was doing. They kept sending us his pictures or videos of Goldie which we loved watching. Goldie was very happy at this place, we can confirm his happiness since the next time we took him to Kamal via waggle, he ran towards Kamal and was very happy to be there. All the money transactions went smoothly and we never faced any issue with Waggle.


We are very happy & content with this service of Waggle and have already planned so many trips without worrying about Goldie. The next time we want to go out, we know whom to contact to take care of our little son, Goldie.


  -  Dhanya Sudeep Mohan

Many dog lovers, refrain from having one, as their pet, for the fear of leaving him/her behind during travel.

Those who had left their dear pets in kennels didn't have a pleasant experience to share.

Short or long vacations were sacrificed for the sake of their pets.

Important family functions, including marriages, were either totally skipped or one of the owners absent.On the other side, are also dog lovers, yearning for the company of dogs & not owning one for the same reasons given above.

Waggle just bridged these two groups and the beneficiaries are owners, hosts and the pets.

It will not be out of place here, to mention that waggle has also helped to meet like minded friends.

Besides the dog, the owners too become good friends as they are all animal lovers. Its always fun to have these fur balls over.

If DOG is GOD reversed, waggle is the  facilitator to provide unconditional love, for people who long for it.

May waggle grow to greater heights, for the yeoman service it has provided and making many happy.


  -  Eva John

We are overwhelmed by this god-sent concept as well as the wonderful people associated with it. Having had a tough time with previous experiences in kennels, with all the fleas and kennel cough issues, Waggle has been a blessing in disguise for us and our dogs. While we did miss our babies during the holiday, we were able to enjoy guilt free because of the ease and comfort the hosts showered them with. Hats off to waggle!

  -  Vidhu & Amber

Waggle is a true paradise for dog lovers, providing a platform where dog lovers can meet and create long lasting friendships while giving opportunities to host different breeds of dogs. The folks at Waggle are always ready to help no matter what time of day or night it is. Our overall experience at Waggle has been nothing but fun and pleasant, and we look forward to many more such memorable moments with our furry friends.

  -  Sujal

Teddy (My Pug) is the reason for my Pet-Sitting profession, we lost him three years back due to tick fever when he was just five months old. Bruno (My Lab) felt upset because of Teddy loss and he felt lonely all time (no food, water, and always search for teddy in home) to keep him engaged I take him to day care/pet outbound to play with other dogs and this doesnt work much as I cant take him to day care every day, we also dont have enough mental strength to get new puppy for Bruno (Still we havent recover loss of Teddy) so I started foster home to take care of abandoned/stray puppies, Foster Home means to take care of abandoned/stray puppies till they find new home. whenever I bring new stray puppies to home, Bruno felt happy and he start playing with them. Slowly with help of my friends circle, pedigree dogs are also came to my home whenever their owner travelling.


I still remember, one afternoon I got a call from Samira and asked to be a host on behalf of Waggle. That time I have no clue what waggle is about, I accept to be a host with little bit unsure. I have to say that there is a huge difference between the client I got from Waggle and the client I got from other source. The dog of the client from other source is either dog aggressive or not compatible with child, I have to say this as I have 1.5 year old daughter now and it would be difficult for me to train dog all time to be compatible with my child, on other hand some dogs start fight with Bruno, that time i need to stop them and keep them in two different rooms. But I see the dog which come from Waggle is both dog friendly and child friendly. Waggle take concern on client and hosts and they always prefer that stay will be happy for both ends. Till now I have hosted six dogs and all six are very compatible with child and dog. I dont do more check if the client is from Waggle as I am sure that Waggle has already done their check before sending to my house, so i do only one visit to see the dog before stay.


Waggle is excellent in this profession and we are happy to be a waggle host... 

All the best to Samira and Arjun 

  -  Kamal Raj Kuppal

"Waggle has been a life saver for me many times! It's always last minute trips and they always come to the rescue :)

Snowy gets really pampered and on the last trip, he even got a gift... he now has an extended family which is the Waggle family..."

  -  Jeanne Darc Jabbour

Waggle is every dog lover's dream come true! When I learnt about waggle, I was so excited about the concept, that I signed on to be a host right away. I'm so happy to be associated with waggle. Hostings have been a wonderful and enjoyable experience and I love that my dog Ginger gets to have his doggy friends over. You guys are doing a great job.

  -  Rona

I am very particular about how my dog is taken care of while I am away, and wasn't satisfied with the idea of a kennel while on vacation. The kennels I found in the city disappointed me greatly and I stopped making travel plans without my dog. That's when I came across Waggle, which made me hopeful. After meeting some of the host families I was very positive about the idea, and have used the service a couple of times. I love the idea that I can travel worry-free, with the reassurance that my dog is individually being taken care of by dog lovers in a home, with the same comfort and conveniences that I try to provide him.

  -  Surabhi
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